Health Administration Program Scholarship (CHHD)

Spring 2023: 2022-2023 Academic Year Award

The Health Administration Scholarship program was initiated through generous donations. The scholarship is awarded to two undergraduate students majoring in Health Administration (Public Health, Radiological Sciences, or Health Administration) and have successfully completed the first two introductory courses. Recipients are selected based on evidence of financial need, being among the first in their family to attend college, and their proven commitment to the community. Students further need to articulate why they chose the Health Administration major, their professional goals after graduation, and what impact they would like to make on the healthcare field.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be continuing undergraduate students pursuing a degree in Health Administration
  • Must have enrollment for the Fall 2022 term and in Senior standing graduating at the end of Spring 2023.
  • Must be currently enrolled at CSUN and have completed HSCI 312 and HSCI 314
  • Must have an undergraduate GPA greater than or equal to 2.50
  • Must have a FAFSA or California Dream Act application on file for the current academic year.
  • Must be enrolled in 3 units or more at CSUN.
  • Submit a copy of current Degree Progress Report (DPR)
  • Submit a copy of your most current unofficial transcript.
  • Request one letter of recommendation via the myMatador Scholarships Portal.

Should you have questions regarding this scholarship opportunity, please contact Jennifer Newman at</a

Please note:

  • If you are receiving Financial Aid (including loans), your financial aid award(s) may be adjusted if you receive a scholarship amount that exceeds your financial aid total limit. Speak to a financial aid counselor during walk-in hours to get a detailed overview about your individual situation.

Supplemental Questions
  1. I have completed a FAFSA or California Dream Act Application for the current academic year.
  2. I am currently enrolled at CSUN and have completed HSCI 312 and HSCI 314.
  3. Essay 1: Why did you choose Health Administration as your major?
  4. Essay 2: Who in your family has attended college?
  5. Essay 3: What are your professional goals after graduation?
  6. Essay 4: In pursuing a career in health care management, what impact would you like to make on the health care field?
  7. Essay 5: Please list any community service you have done while in college. List the dates, agencies/organizations, and activities completed.
  8. Essay 6: Why should you receive the scholarship?
  9. Please upload: A copy of your most recent Degree Progress Report (DPR)
  10. Upload: A most recent copy of your unofficial transcripts.
  11. Request: A letter of recommendation from a community member (staff member, professor, mentor, counselor, or community leader).
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