Journalism Alumni Association Scholarship Program

2024-2025 Academic Year Award

The Journalism Alumni Association Scholarship Program is presented by the CSUN Alumni Association. The program was established to stimulate interest among CSUN journalism students and to assist them in pursuing academic and professional endeavors in the fields of journalism or public relations.

General Information about the JAA Scholarship Program:

  • The JAA generally awards two scholarships per year in the amount of $1000 each.
  • Scholarship may be used for any school-related expenses, such as tuition, room and board, books
    and lab fees.
  • The deadline for scholarship submission shall be set by the CSUN Journalism Department in accordance with other scholarships awarded in the spring.
  • Scholarships shall be awarded at the same time as those of the other CSUN Journalism Department’s scholarship programs.
  • The scholarship is open to all CSUN journalism majors (continuing and transfer students) of junior-level or senior-level academic standing who meet the scholarship criteria.


  • Must be in junior and senior standing with a declared journalism major at CSUN with at least 12 degree units remaining at end of the spring 2024 semester.
  • Must be a journalism or public relations major.
  • Must be and remain in good academic standing throughout the award year.
  • Must have a GPA greater than or equal to a 3.00.
  • Must enroll in 12 units or more during each term of the 2024-2025 academic year.
  • The Scholarship Committee shall use the following criteria in the selection of scholarship winners: portfolio 40%, GPA 20%, essay 40%.
  • The Journalism Alumni Association’s President and the Director of Scholarships shall select the members to serve on the Scholarship Committee.
  • The decisions of the Scholarship Committee shall be final.

All recipients of this award agree to submit a thank you letter addressed to the Alumni Association Board of Directors Scholarship Committee in order for award to disburse.

Should you have questions regarding this scholarship opportunity, please contact Craig Leener @

Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your anticipated date of graduation:
  2. List your journalism course work GPA:
  3. Please list: Number of units completed within your major.
  4. Please list: Total number of units completed towards degree.
  5. Please write an essay that explains why you are interested in pursuing a career in journalism or public relations — include your professional and personal goals.
  6. Please upload a file that contains 2-3 published or unpublished samples of your work. Samples may be from any journalism concentration — including broadcast, magazine, newspaper, public relations or photojournalism — and may consist of articles, audiocasts, photographs, press releases, etc. Include with your samples a brief description detailing your involvement.
  7. Please respond to the following:
    • Please list any honors, awards and achievements in school, in the community, or in journalism.
    • Please list employment and internship experience, if any, during the last four years.
    • Please state any additional information you believe would be useful to the Scholarship Committee.
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