MSP CAM Foundation Scholarship

Award intended for the 2022-2023 AY:

The Cortez A. Murdock Foundation Scholarships will be awarded to students who reflect the values strength of character self-reliance, perseverance, and individuality that Cortez A. Murdock demonstrated during her life. This gift will make college available to students who would otherwise not be able to attend and create a tribute to a remarkable woman who overcame early obstacles and triumphed over her circumstances. Preference will be given to students who are involved in at least one of the following organizations: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Alpha Nu Kappa Sorority, CSUN Women in Science, CSUN Women’s Rugby Club, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Lambda Chi Sorority, Delta Zeta Sorority, Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority, Gamma Alpha Theta, Gamma Rho Lambda Sorority, Gender and Women’s Studies Student Association, Girl Scouts, Girls Inc., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Ladies Promoting Service Intelligence and Academics, Lambda Sigma Gamma Sorority, Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc., The National Organization for Women, Phi Lambda Rho Sorority, Phi Psi Omega Sorority, Project D.A.T.E., Sigma Alpha Zeta Sorority Inc. Eta Chapter, Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority Lambda Beta Society of Women Engineers, Virtuous Women, Women’s Resource and Research Center, YWCA, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. Omega Kappa Chapter. Additionally, students must have participated in athletics, martial arts, or dance performance in the past two years. The selected scholarship recipients can win between $1500 to $6000.

Please note: Any change to your enrollment status resulting in less than full time enrollment for any term within the award year will result in a cancellation of your award.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a California Resident and US Citizen
  • Open to CSUN undergraduate students.
  • Must have a FAFSA on file for the upcoming academic year.
  • Undergraduate students must have a GPA of at least 3.0
  • Undergraduate students must enroll in 12 units or more during the Fall & Spring terms of the award year.
  • Must upload a copy of your student resume. A student resume is a detailed record of your personal and educational information. It includes the name of your school/college, coursework, projects (if any) undertaken, and awards. The resume may also contain additional information like your extracurricular activities, volunteer experiences, job experiences (if any), hobbies, etc.

Students participating in a study abroad program for the upcoming academic year are not eligible to apply"

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please describe your participation in athletics, martial arts or dance performance, during the past two years.
  2. Please describe your involvement in a student club, organization, or activity whose purpose is to develop or empower women and how your participation has helped accomplish that goal.
  3. Please describe your financial situation; explain why your financial aid package is not sufficient; and how a CAM Foundation Scholarship will make it possible for you to begin or continue your education at CSUN. Please include specifics as to what financial aid has been offered to you (or that you expect to be offered); how much additional aid is necessary; and why you need the additional funding.
  4. I am currently involved or have a recent history in a student club, organization, or activity whose primary purpose is the development and/or empowerment of women.
  5. I have maintained at least a "B" average in my preceding two years of study.
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