Lennin H. Glass Scholarship Endowment (CHHD)

Spring 2023: 2022-2023 Academic Year Award

Returning undergraduate or graduate adult students in any of the Health Sciences program at CSUN are eligible for the Lennin H. Glass Scholarship. Recipients are selected based upon demonstration of commitment to professional growth and service, leadership, positive and professional attitude within the Health Sciences field, and returning adult students status. The scholarship is made possible by a generous contribution form the Lennin H. Glass Scholarship Endowment. It is the intention of the donor to provide financial assistance to an outstanding returning adult student. Lennin Glass was a professor of Health Sciences and served as Dean of the School of Communication and Professional Studies (an early root of the College of Health and Human Development) from 1979-1987.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Opportunity open to returning student who are returning after a substantial time off from their last academic enrollment.
  • Must be in Senior standing (undergrad) or 2nd year graduate student with a graduating date of Spring 2023 or Summer 2023.
  • Must be a Health Sciences (Health Administration, Public Health, or Radiologic Sciences) major.
  • Undergraduate applicants must have a cumulative GPA greater than or equal to 3.25 in all upper division course work for the major.
  • Graduate applicants must have a cumulative GPA greater than or equal to 3.50 in all graduate major coursework.
  • Open to matriculated CSUN students enrolled part-time or full-time.
  • Request one letter of recommendation via the myMatador Scholarships Portal.
  • Submit a copy of current Degree Progress Report (DPR).

Should you have questions regarding this scholarship opportunity, please contact Jennifer Newman at jennifer.newman@csun.edu.

Please note:

  • If you are receiving Financial Aid (including loans), your financial aid award(s) may be adjusted if you receive a scholarship amount that exceeds your financial aid total limit. Speak to a financial aid counselor during walk-in hours to get a detailed overview about your individual situation.

Supplemental Questions
  1. I am a Health Sciences (Health Administration, Public Health, or Radiologic Sciences) major
  2. I am an adult reentry student who is returning after a substantial time off from my last academic enrollment
  3. Essay 1: How long and why did you take time off from school?
  4. Essay 2: What motivated you to return to school?
  5. Essay 3: What are your professional goals after graduation?
  6. Essay 4: Please list any department (HSCI), university, and community activities while at CSUN. List any dates, agencies/organizations, and activities completed.
  7. Request: A letter of recommendation from a community member (staff member, professor, mentor, counselor, or community leader).
  8. Please upload: A copy of your most recent Degree Progress Report (DPR)
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