MSP Joan A. Lamb Scholarship

Funds will be awarded for the 2021-2022 Academic Year.

Joan A. Lamb was born in 1918 to musical parents in Ohio, Lamb began her musical training early. She first played the trumpet and later took on the cello and oboe. Lamb attended Baldwin Wallace College in Berea, Ohio where she majored in music education as an instrumentalist. In 1940, Lamb began teaching music in a rural school in Cooperdale, Ohio. She held two other teaching positions, but found them disappointing due to the lack of instruments. After her fiancé was drafted into the war, Lamb decided to research military opportunities for women. In 1942, Lamb joined the WAAC (later called the WAC) as a band member. The role of the WAC band was to boost the morale of the troops and to perform martial duties. In 1943, Lamb was ordered to attend the Army Music School in Fort Myer, Virginia where she would be trained to lead a band. In 1943, Lamb was ordered to Fort Des Moines in Iowa to direct the 400th WAC all-women’s band. She also took on the assignment to start an all-women’s African American band—the first of its kind.

Lamb’s band went on a tour through the U.S. and Canada to raise money to support the war. This was exciting for Lamb and her band, for they often collaborated with famous musicians, movie stars, civic leaders, sports figures, and war heroes. They performed largely at bond rallies, which encouraged people to buy bonds. Lamb’s band also performed at hospitals for wounded soldiers.

This scholarship is open to CSUN undergraduate students whose parents both work and by virtue of their joint income have caused the child to be ineligible for other scholarships.

Please note: Any change to your enrollment status resulting in less than full time enrollment for any term within the award year will result in a cancellation of your award.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Open to undergraduate CSUN students.
  • Parents’ combined taxable income must be over $150,000 a year.
  • Must have a cumulative GPA greater than or equal to 3.0.
  • Have a FAFSA or California Dream Act Application (CADAA) on file for the upcoming academic year.
  • Undergraduate students must enroll in 12 units or more during the Fall & Spring terms of the award year.
  • One letter of recommendation will be submitted on my behalf via the my Matador Scholarship system.
  • Must upload a copy of your student resume. A student resume is a detailed record of your personal and educational information. It includes the name of your school/college, coursework, projects (if any) undertaken, and awards. The resume may also contain additional information like your extracurricular activities, volunteer experiences, job experiences (if any), hobbies, etc.

Supplemental Questions
  1. My parents' combined taxable income is over $150,000 as documented on the FAFSA or the California Dream Act Application.
  2. Both my parents reported their income on the FAFSA or the CA Dream Act Application.
  3. I am eligible for subsidized loans
  4. Have you received any grants or scholarships this academic year?
  5. Explain a family, social or school situation, in which your leadership made the difference. What was accomplished?
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