Alumni Association First Generation Scholarships

This scholarship is intended to encourage and support first generation families in their pursuit of higher education. It is helpful to include in your personal essay, background information highlighting your background as the first in your family to attend a four year university. This scholarship is funded by the CSUN Alumni Association.

  • One letter of recommendation will be submitted on my behalf via the _my_Matadors Scholarship portal.
  • Undergraduate students must enroll in 12 units or more each term of the next academic year.
  • Graduate students must enroll in 6 units or more each term of the next academic year.
  • GPA must be greater than or equal to a 3.0.
  • Must have a current FAFSA or California Dream Act Application on file for the upcoming academic year.
  • Must submit an educational resume.

*Multiple scholarship will be awarded. One award shall be granted to an undergraduate or graduate student in a Public Health Major. .

*All recipients of this award agree to submit a thank you letter addressed to the Alumni Association Board of Directors Scholarship Committee in order for award to disburse.

Should you have questions regarding this scholarship opportunity, please contact Samantha Delagardelle Varner @ (818) 677-4198

Supplemental Questions
  1. Briefly describe your current employment. Include the number of hours you work and/or if you work inside the home.
  2. Briefly describe your involvement and/or leadership roles in any campus or school-based clubs or organizations.
  3. Briefly describe your involvement or role in any volunteer or service organization in the community.
  4. How has your family background affected how you see education and the world today? (Please share with us something you have not previously shared)
  5. Are you the very first individual from your immediate family to attend a four year university?
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