Associated Students Bruce Lawrence Schentes Memorial Scholarship

The Associated Students is the primary advocate for students at California State University, Northridge and provides excellent, meaningful programs and services designed to create and enhance a spirited, learning-focused campus environment.

In 1990, the Associated Students of California State University, Northridge established the Bruce Lawrence Schentes Memorial Scholarship for juniors, seniors, and graduate students who demonstrate involvement in AIDS education and/or research. This scholarship is in honor of Bruce Lawrence Schentes, Director of the AIDS Speakers Bureau, an advocate dedicated to AIDS education.

This scholarship is open to continuing CSUN students.

Please note: Any change to your enrollment status resulting in less than full time enrollment for any term within the award year will result in a cancellation of your award.

  • Undergraduate students must have a GPA of at least 3.0
  • Graduate students must have a GPA of at least 3.5
  • Must have a FAFSA or California Dream Act application on file for the upcoming academic year.
  • Undergraduate students must enroll in 12 units or more during each award term – Fall & Spring terms of the upcoming academic year.
  • Graduate students must enroll in 6 units or more during each award term – Fall & Spring terms of the upcoming academic year.
  • Two letters of recommendation must be requested through the my Matador Scholarship system.
  • Must upload a copy of your student resume. A student resume is a detailed record of your personal and educational information. It includes the name of your school/college, coursework, projects (if any) undertaken, and awards. The resume may also contain additional information like your extracurricular activities, volunteer experiences, job experiences (if any), hobbies, etc.

Supplemental Questions
  1. I am involved in AIDS education and/or research.
  2. I will be a Junior, Senior, or Graduate student during the upcoming academic year.
  3. What contributions have you made to the advancement of AIDS education, whether that involves research, advocacy, and/or spreading the message of awareness? How do these contributions impact your future career and academic goals?
  4. Please share a story that directly or indirectly illustrates the type of person you are.
  5. [MSP 1] Please request: A letter of recommendation from a teacher, professor, counselor, or community leader - who can attest to your meritorious performance and personal strengths and can assess your potential for academic and career success. The letter should include a signature, title, and contact information. The letter should be addressed to: *Award Selection Committee*.
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